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5 transferable skills you’ll gain from an apprenticeship

An apprenticeship is an excellent way to gain real-world work experience whilst also gaining a range of qualifications along the way. As we emerge into a post-COVID world, apprenticeships are more important than ever as many embark on career changes and or are just at the very start of their working lives. An apprenticeship will prepare you for your career ahead by helping you acquire and develop a range of transferable skills.

Here, we take a look at five transferable skills you can gain through an apprenticeship and how they can be beneficial to your career.


Communication is key to a career in any industry as it helps you to establish professional relationships and ensure that your message is conveyed as clearly as possible. Good communication can boost teamwork and lead to better project collaboration and results.

Maintaining effective communication ensures that management and their team are on the same page. That means that employees are confident with the work at hand and managers are assured that team members are correctly undertaking that work. Communication skills can include:

  • Listening: you will be required to listen carefully throughout your apprenticeship to ensure that you are learning as much as possible during your time at the company.

  • Speaking: you will be required to talk to your colleagues to convey your point of view or ask questions if you are struggling with a specific task.

  • Writing: this comes in the form of emails generally and is an important skill to take into your working career.

By working as an apprentice at Wickes , you can develop your communication skills and make it an effective addition to your CV.


Employers like to see good problem-solving skills because it also helps to show them you have a range of other competencies such as logic, creativity, resilience, imagination, lateral thinking and determination. Problem-solving is a vital skill for both your professional and personal life and is one that you can build throughout your apprenticeship.

We often associate the skill of problem-solving with those in senior positions, however, it’s important at all levels of your career; the way you handle even the smallest of problems will demonstrate to an employer how well you can deal with larger ones. Luckily, Wickes’ apprenticeships place great importance on developing your problem-solving skills to ensure that you’re primed and ready to build your career.


In a contemporary working environment, the landscape of your industry can change in an instant, therefore it’s imperative that you are able to adapt to a range of situations. Employers and colleagues value someone with the ability to be flexible, think outside of the box and offer new ideas or alternative solutions when things don’t go to plan.

During your time on an apprenticeship, you will be required to take part in a range of activities and tasks, so your adaptability will be put to the test. Once you’ve worked on your flexibility and can handle any challenge that’s thrown your way, then you’re set to be an asset in any workforce.


Organisational skills are some of the most important and transferable job skills an employee can acquire. They encompass a set of capabilities that help an employee plan, prioritise, and achieve their goals, which, in turn, can save a company time and money.

Organisation is essential for multitasking and keeping a business running smoothly and successfully. Within an apprenticeship you’ll balance a job role with a qualification, so staying on top of your workload is key to ensuring tasks are completed and deadlines are met. This is a challenge that many will meet throughout their career, therefore developing this skill will benefit you in the long run.


Teamwork is important because it will usually involve a combination of the skills mentioned above, as well as others. Working as part of a team is important for the majority of jobs as employers value a candidate that can take direction and contribute positively to the team.

An apprenticeship helps you to develop your teamwork skills by integrating you with an existing team and providing you with tasks that you must complete together. To excel in a team, you must be open-minded and willing to compromise. Whilst completing your apprenticeship, listen to what your colleagues have to say and value their opinions. With this skill added to your arsenal, you’ll greatly improve your employability prospects and improve your working experience.

Embark on a fantastic experience with Wickes’ Apprenticeships

Here at Wickes, our apprenticeships are open to anyone who wants to become a specialist in their field. We take pride in our history of developing the skills and competency of talented individuals and preparing them for long and prosperous careers. Whether you’re just starting your career or considering a career change, our apprenticeships are the ideal place to develop your skills.

If you’re looking for your next opportunity, and you’re keen to work within a fast-paced and diverse environment where you can continuously learn, apprenticeship vacancies today.


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