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Pride Month at Wickes 2021

Ben Jackson our consultant managing the role

Pride month usually kicks off the start of the pride season. With very few prides happening again this year, at Wickes, we wanted to use the month to celebrate some of the great progress we’ve made and to encourage our colleagues to get involved. 

  • Week one: We’re talking about our Ally programme. We’ve opened up 10 digital workshops in June, available to colleagues at all levels to help them drive change for the LGBT+ community in Wickes. 
  • Week two: It’s all about the pronouns… Encouraging colleagues to update name badges, email signatures, and social media profiles to include their pronouns. This will be backed up with education as to why this is important. 
  • Week three: Our pride party. We’ll host a party across our stores and distribution centres on Saturday 26th  
  • Week 4: In the final week, we’ll talk about the anniversary of the Stonewall riots, sharing stories and history of the event

Underpinning Pridemonth, we are running a #proudmoment campaign where we’re encouraging our colleagues to share their proud moments via our Wickes internal communications channels through the use of videos, pictures and stories.