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Ben’s experience of working as an Apprentice at Wickes

Our wide range of apprenticeships at Wickes provides a great opportunity to start or progress your career. We’ll provide you with training and support to broaden your skillset in the areas of the business that you’re interested in. 

Ben is currently working in one of our stores as an Apprentice. We spoke to him about how he’s found the programme, and what he’d recommend to someone thinking of applying for an Apprenticeship at Wickes. Here’s his story:

What first attracted you to the Apprenticeship programme at Wickes? 

‘I was attracted to the Apprenticeship programme at Wickes because I wanted to gain knowledge about the company and what it takes to run the businesses within it. I also wanted to improve myself, my career journey and future prospects for progression.’ 

This is just what we like to hear; taking ownership of personal development, determination and passion for progressing up the career ladder! Whichever apprenticeship you choose, alongside our ongoing support we ask that you bring motivation, ambition and a positive attitude like Ben. 

How have you been supported throughout the programme and beyond?

‘Ashleigh is one of my Coaches on my course and she has definitely gone above and beyond when I’ve needed help. She also leaves helpful little notes to keep me on track - thanks, Ashleigh!’

When you join Wickes, the first thing you’ll discover is that everyone pulls together and works as a team. We promote an inclusive culture, and although we’re not 100% perfect we’re working on making our teams truly diverse because we know it makes us the best we can be. 

What’s your favourite thing about being on an Apprenticeship programme with Wickes?

‘I’ve loved meeting and interacting with other Apprentices - we’ve always communicated via Webchat which has now been enhanced by the transition to the virtual Apprenticeship world. I also set up a WhatsApp group for us to keep in touch and help each other out.’

How has the programme set you up for success?

‘The programme has given me great insight into how Wickes operates. Learning and understanding the Winning Behaviours and ACR (Approachable, Curious and Resourceful) have really helped me improve.’

Our five winning behaviours that encourage all our colleagues to understand and show are 

  • Can do spirit
  • Humility 
  • Winning
  • Be at your best
  • Authentic

These underpin our business, ensuring everyone plays a part in helping us to become the employer we want to be.

What has been your proudest moment since working at Wickes?

‘My proudest moment was when a customer came back to the store a few days after I offered him some advice on his decorating project. He then thanked me and asked if I could help him out again. I also volunteered to help out another store when they had a shortage of staff due to Covid. The manager gave me a positive review and said she would think of me if she needed help again.’

Ben certainly knows how to live our values. His can-do spirit and winning attitude will serve him well at Wickes!

Do you have any advice for someone thinking of enrolling on an apprenticeship?

‘Just do it! You’ll get vital information about the company as a whole, gain knowledge to improve yourself and make invaluable connections in the process to help you further in your career.’

You’ll get all this and more, including a generous package of benefits and perks to suit your lifestyle!

Have you considered an Apprenticeship?

You don’t have to be a school leaver or at entry-level to consider an apprenticeship - almost any can be an apprenticeship to propel their career to the next level. The fundamental principle is to earn whilst you learn and develop skills and competency in a specific area to help you on your chosen career path, but many people also choose this avenue to help enable a career change. 

If you’re looking for your next opportunity, and you’re keen to work within a fast-paced and diverse environment where you can continuously learn, browse our available apprenticeships today.


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